Battle Won, War Continues

I ran between meetings last night – first to Newbury to hear the presentation as to why putting 99 greenhouses on the Common Pasture was a REALLY bad idea.     One abutter had a whole series of pictures showing the Pikul property through many seasons: wet, wet, full of aquatic birds, ice, snow and then back to wet.     Very impressive.

The Conservation Commission ruled in favor of stiff requirements if this project is pursued.

The property owner is probably not going to quit – so this skirmish was won but there will be more.      But the evidence is mounting against them and more and more citizens are waking up to the cruel facts if this would actually go through.

Just an added note:  I am extremely in favor of solar – but I totally reject the ludicrous concept of, “Let’s destroy the environment to ‘save the planet'”     I think wind turbines are great but when applicants came to the city and wanted to destroy the Common Pasture with 22; I fought strenuously against such absurdity.      The destruction of habitat and the negative impact only to make some ‘feel good’ is just crazy.     Wind charts show the area has not the sufficient winds to justify their existence.   These belong in an area such as near the ocean or in the ocean to take advantage of continuous winds.

Well, until the next battle, let’s celebrate!

-P. Preservationist



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