The First True Test of our New City Council

In the old city councils in the past, the public would participate in the public hearings and in the political process.       After all was said and done, and the final legislation was being formalized; in the cover of darkness, the banks, dark sider politicians and private business interests would then come in and threaten and demand the vote go their way.


All of a sudden, just like that; the vote would steer in a completely different direction.      This also would go for those who may get in office, or who were ‘allowed’ to be chosen for choice seats.


But we supposedly have a new city council.


Newburyport Development didn’t get the message and they feel they can conduct themselves in just the same old way.        This is not the same ‘friendly’ Karp organization that invited pro-historic preservation Walter Beinecke to Newburyport for advice; or the same one that claimed to care about the local community when the Lagasse’s were in control.       All we have now are ruthless profiteers who care about nothing but the bottom line.


They want the protections for the downtown killed and they want any of these ‘ordinances’ to ‘go away’.


We’ve got a unified city council that will strongly support regaining the protections for our downtown and to stop the piecemeal slaughter of our historic assets.       They claim to love the City of Newburyport and they claim they want the best for our citizens.       They claim they want to see the future of our city secured.


Watch carefully tomorrow night and see how they vote.


It will reveal who will follow these claims with action and,


who of our councilors can be ‘bought’!


-P. Preservationist


PS.  Historic Preservationists!     Claim you won this last election?  This is your first real challenge – don’t slink away – voice your opinions via e-mail.      Our city’s future is at stake!!!!

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One Response to The First True Test of our New City Council

  1. Unfortunately, as my brother has said to me time and time again, “MONEY TALKS AND THE BULLSHIT WALKS!” You and I know if people are offered the right “reward” for siding with those darksiders like Karp and his ilk, they will move up the ladder. It’s Massachusetts! Corruption is everywhere.

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