Upsetting the Apple Cart

A lot has happened since the last time I put in a post.     The announcement of Representative Costello resigning has triggered a bit of a conundrum.           

Right now we have a good working city council that is earnest in doing the right thing and each councilor actually working well with each other.         Well enough, they feel confident to get involved with some of the tough challenges the city is facing.

But it could all blow up in their faces as Councilor Herzog has announced that he would like to fill the open seat.         Shortly thereafter, even as I sat in the Convention this weekend, I received word that Councilor Cameron will also seek the office. (Kelcourse in Amesbury is also going to make a run.)

Assuming the winner is one of these two councilors in town; this could definitely mean we would have to either hold a special election or get someone appointed to that position.

It upsets me that now the focus will be taken away from the blizzard of hard choices that need to be made this coming year and now given over to partisan politics and a host of campaigning.

Right now with Bulldozer Holaday, we need our elected officials to be focused on putting brakes on all the ‘progress’ she has contemplated.       It was bulldozers that leveled our historic warehouses on the waterfront all in the name of progress.         If she can’t be slowed down a bit, we could see the rise of the dark siders once again as a political reaction resulting in a surprise upset at the next election with a city council packed with hostile opponents.

Don’t get me wrong, the Mayor thinks she’s doing what is best for Newburyport but fundamentally, she is a tax-and-spend liberal.      This tendency could easily pave the way for political reversals from too much spending, too much controlling and too many ambitious projects. 

Right here in Newburyport, we can’t afford to see a repetition of what happened when a good mayor gets in, gets arrogant and over-confident and then a reactionary mayor replaces the previous administration and undo’s all the progress.

Some have argued that such back and forth has helped our city but when I see Portsmouth to the North advancing far beyond Newburyport (both cities were in the toilet at the same time.) it saddens me how many lost opportunities have stuck our city in neutral.

She can’t help herself; but if we have a city council that speaks for the citizens – we can avoid the specter of having a political movement work to undo the progress.

And the prospect of losing two excellent councilors (Cameron is head of the Democratic City Committee which gives him the (hopeful) influence to advise the mayor) really, really upsets me!

And losing an independent power broker in Councilor Herzog (who can’t be bought) is also a potential tragedy.

We need to keep focused!      There is so much that needs to be done!

-P. Preservationist

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2 Responses to Upsetting the Apple Cart

  1. So far Herzog is going to run. Cameron is going to run…stay tuned for others who will jump at the chance. It is not all democrats jumping in this race, just watch. Only one will be chosen.

  2. Ari Herzog says:

    You are correct that there is a lot of work for the city council to do — and I do not intend to leave the council for many months. On April 1, for instance, the council’s committee of the whole will begin deliberation of a plastic bag ban ordinance; and I’ve already begun drafting a different version to consider.

    As to my candidacy for State Representative, my passion that you’ve come to respect on the city council will transition easily to the state house. I remain a phone call or email message away if you ever have a question or concern.

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