I could have been a contender!

That statement is probably one that Dick Sullivan, jr will keep on saying for years to come.

The fact is, considering the sour feeling that so many have had toward the Mayor, if he had been supportive of historic preservation; he would have won handily in the last election.

But his archaic concepts about Newburyport just keep dragging him down.      Here he is pining away about how people just don’t like to buy in an historic district.      Why sure, if they’re factory workers, ‘Brookers or those who are barely making ends-meat!

He will never be mayor until he gets out of the ‘old’ Newburyport and realizes that his hometown isn’t the same place where he grew up.        More educated, more sophisticated and more seeking a high quality of life; are coming to our Port City.       They understand that the ambiance, and the sheer beauty of our city are things to cherish not consume.     The new clientale rejoice everyday when they pull out of their driveways and see the lovely treasure that Newburyport has become.       

And they want to protect it!     And they understand the historic architecture and lovely neighborhoods and value it – which is why property values are so high.

If they haven’t come here yet, they want to be part of it!

I personally think Mr. Sullivan could one day put a human face on our city as mayor – but he will have to shed his obsolete viewpoints on what makes Newburyport tick.       

I am glad he’s willing to join others in working to protect our downtown.      But he needs to join the 21st century or his input and others’ input who want to dwell on old viewpoints will stymie, not help, in protecting our city from the onslaught of exploiters and profiteers who are already amongst us.

-P. Preservationist



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One Response to I could have been a contender!

  1. I do not agree with everything you post PP. When you have an incumbent who does everything she possibly can to manipulate an election, well, what can anyone do to challenge her? This mayoral election was dirty politics. I could tell you everything I know off line. I just got off the phone with the publisher of the Daily News. I have a lot to say and it is time to let the cat out of the bag.

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