ZBA & The Streetscape

To bad we can’t take the Internet into the ZBA – we can argue that a new building will disrupt and ruin the historic neighborhood and in particular, the streetscape.

Here it would demonstrate the point as clear as can be without the smooth talking of consultants and lawyers who’s job is to obscure the obvious situation:

Check out this powerful feature by Google:


-P. Preservationist

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4 Responses to ZBA & The Streetscape

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Jerry, I was told that a preservationist lost the bid to buy the house and preserve it for $5,000 — people actually are trying to use their own money to try and save Newburyport’s house in the Historic District. As I understand it, the seller went for the (slightly) higher bid. That’s not the only property I’ve heard about where people have tried to buy and preserve an historic Newburyport house and lost out.

  2. Is this the building that new owners want to demolish? Ship street has certainly seen their share of nightmares. Or is it the house on Lime Street next to Bruce Menin”s?

  3. Ari Herzog says:

    You forget city hall has free wifi. It’s choppy at times but does work. Next time, bring your tablet, connect to it, and pass around whatever.

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