Come to the ZBA tonight!

Tonight is the hearing where they want the permits for an oversize new house to replace an historical home from the 17th century.       This is another example of developers with no respect for our history (They are leaving the windows open to the elements in total arrogance as they are confident to get their ‘new’ construction).

The object is to continue to exploit the high value of the South End.      A South End which is highly valued exactly because of the uniqueness of preserved historical architecture!    

They’re not building in the non-historic areas of our city.

They want the value of the location.

They want to fool newcomers they are buying an historic building.

And the builder wants to put in short-lived materials to make a quick, over-inflated profit instead of refurbishing an historic building made of materials that last longer than twenty years.

Come tonight to the City Council Chambers and speak against the destruction of our historic neighborhoods.

Property values affected!?!    Check out Bromfield, Hancock, Marlboro & Pine and see how these victimized neighbors have suffered.      Lend support to the abutters who don’t want the same fate as these other streets!

-P. Preservationist

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