Clarification & Cloudiness

Just a brief comment – the City has omitted the detailed map of the Newburyport Historic District from its new website which the had been linked.

What with comments that were heard at the last public hearing, it would stand the city would want to clarify the borders.

But of course, they have not.

So I have a copy of that detailed map and have scanned it in and it is now available on the NHD site.     A little later, I will clean it up so all can see it even better.

I know that I am supposed to think this map omission occurred just when the NHD is now under intense scrutiny, and was just an innocent and unfortunate occurrence.

So, let’s all pretend and play along and say, “Hmmmm, isn’t that funny!”

-P. Preservationist

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2 Responses to Clarification & Cloudiness

  1. The upgraded, detailed map of the Newburyport Historic District is now available on the main page of the district’s webpage,

  2. The impression for years was the Newburyport Historic District only consisted of a collection of historic buildings that were indicated in the historic district survey. Thus, the average citizen who didn’t have a significant story behind their structure, or didn’t live in one of the grand mansions; was given the impression, the house was of no value nor contributed to the historic area. I am pleased to see that the detailed listing of the district is now finally available in a large .pdf file just above the historic house listings. It’s not great but it is a step forward toward actually protecting the district.

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