Willful Ignorance

I have had the www.ppreservationist.com up since 2010.        I’ve had the P. Preservationist blog up since 2009.       Even earlier, Mary Eaton has had the grand-daddy of Newburyport blogs up since 2006.       Each of these sites are linked to other active blogs and websites which in turn have listed one or two of these sites.        Important non-profit organizations in the city have knowledge of these sites.      The city councilors certainly do.

Clearly what Newburyport is really all about has been available.

Prominently displayed for all eyes to see are the clear principles of historic preservation and Newburyport’s majestic history.

The Newburyport Historic District is prominently displayed on my main website.          The website, www.newburyporthistoricdistrict.org has maps as to where the district lies.      The definition of a National Register historic district are clearly posted.         What the responsibilities are of a good citizen to preserve this district should be and the organizations that can assist the property owner in accomplishing those tasks.

And yet, so many have made the decision to be willfully ignorant.    In fact, like aggrieved lawbreakers crying, “I was never told” who receive the timeless response, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”, so to the citizens of Newburyport I declare with a stern voice, “Ignorance of what Newburyport is really all about is without excuse.”

It doesn’t matter if you are a townie with multi-generational family, born here, been living here for a few years or just arrived; the knowledge to get up to speed is readily available.

Instead, we have a great number who have chosen to rely on the Newburyport Daily News, a paper that does little or no investigative research and deliberately ignores our history and often what is actually going on in town.

Or, run to self-serving neighbors, filled with anecdotal statements, prejudices or have an axe to grind.

As I recently commented to Mary Eaton, we live in an age where so many possess an IPhone, have access to the combined knowledge of Mankind via the Internet and social media; and yet are as clueless as ever.

If you are going to speak at a public hearing or participate in our local government, it is up to you as a responsible citizen to be well-informed regardless of your opinion.      Lying, distorting facts and making statements based on your own prejudices and “feelings” are a discredit to you personally, and reveals your character and I might add, reveals toward the negative.

Be a good citizen and read and research and find out the facts.       Don’t be swayed by suspicious, self-serving individuals who are there to sway you to their side for their own personal benefit.

They already know the truth and are working on the assumption that you don’t.

Don’t be played the fool.

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to Willful Ignorance

  1. Hi PP,

    Is this blog specifically aimed at Lyndi Lanphear and the anti-LDHers? Just curious. I agree that properties do need protection.

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