Big Deals Going Down Tonight!

If you haven’t guessed already from my bulletin board on; tonight is a very important night for historic preservationists.        They need to be at the Committee of the Whole as they ponder putting in interim protections for our downtown.

The banks, developers and real estate agents (okay, the bad bankers, the bad developers and the clueless real estate agents) plus the extremists will want no action taken to protect our historic assets – and not realizing they are shooting themselves in the foot by doing so.

The rest of us need to be there – we need to protect our beautiful city and our high quality of life.       We as a community do not exist so a select few can make a fast buck and then leave with their pockets full of cash leaving the rest of us in a lurch.

Also, tonight – yet even more demolition requests are being put before the Historical Commission.      Tonight, we have 81 Lime Street – Lime Street Realty Trust, not the owners,  James and Christine Lofaro, has submitted a request for demolition.     The trustee of this trust is George Haseltine.  He is owner of Greenscape Property and Building LLC of Newbury and a resident in the North End of Newburyport.      

They are being represented by Lisa Mead, known for representing developers and dispationate property owners who want to demolish their historic structures and replace with new construction.      “Demo Lisa” can proudly show her handiwork of successfully representing clients by taking you on a tour of her achievements in the South End from Marlboro Street to Oak street and it’s not pretty.      Unfortunately, plans are continually in the works to expand that portfolio.

Please make an effort to show up tonight at both meetings – your presence will make a difference.

-P. Preservationist

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