It Starts

It may be a week or more before the average citizen finds out in the Daily News, since they would not consider it very important according to their priority list; but it’s like Santa Claus coming a month early for Newburyport!

Newburyport’s downtown has been declared a cultural district by the state.

It means that the preservation of our downtown will soon come shortly thereafter. (Why would you create a cultural district and then have developers wipe it out?)      It means that the downtown is of great interest to the Commonwealth and they will be interested in fostering more cultural and historical events within this district.

If you look at the way the cultural district is structured, historic preservation especially in protecting our downtown will soon become a reality.

No longer will our citizens look at our commercial district on State Street as a bunch of ‘shops’ or a place for boaters to dry their feet.

Heritage Tourism will get a boost.

Our struggling artistic community will be reinforced with support and will finally be fully recognized for their importance in making Newburyport a cultural center.

I tip my hat and make a large salute in the direction of Mayor Holaday.      She again has, largely due to her important connections in the State House, early spearheaded this initiative.      She can take this one and put yet another feather in her cap.*

I still think that preservationists will have to pressure her to go all the way in establishing a local historic district that covers the downtown area – but that’s okay.       We can’t let her put that feather in her cap – it will come from all the concerned citizens who want a future for our city!

-P. Preservationist

* It also helps to have Senator Ives in Newburyport’s ball court!

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One Response to It Starts

  1. It took a day or so for them to notice the City’s announcement of winning the designation and then the only note was to a vague reference to ‘historic architecture’ at the end of the article. Again, largely lost on them and no mention on the importance of heritage tourism!

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