A Review of the Newburyport Election Season

I guess if you’ve been immersed with local happenings, it is all too easy to do what has been ‘doing’ since time memorial in Newburyport – you just know what’s going on.

You won’t find it on the Daily News, not even the online version.

You won’t see it more often than not even in most blogs or on Facebook.

They just assume you know.

Well, most in the city don’t know – some like it that way (They’re the ones that get ‘angry’ when they are told what is actually going on in town.) and others will thirst desperately for news. (and will probably get ‘angry’ when they find out!)

My point is that this post is going to cause a lot of anger.      WPF was getting all in a dither over me reporting that others were calling her crazy.     She needs to get used to it.     They’ve been calling me crazy since 2009 – it goes with the political territory.     Speak out and you will have opposition; keep silent and you’ll make everyone happy.     But this isn’t the Midwest where pleasing people is the natural tendency.

We’re New Englanders – speak out and grow a thick skin. (You’ll need it!)

The first thing to note was the total irrelevancy of the local paper.       All through the election, they’re mantra was not to offend anyone.       They also gave little in the way of information and Dyke’s comments revealed not only little facts but exposed a deficiency on what matters.       Too long the paper has been the Pravda for the Chamber and the Banks.      Too long the paper is assuming it is catering to a clientele that is increasingly diminishing, and it clearly shows it in their subscriptions.        They can lash out at me and those who saw the blaring inadequacies this political season but the election results could not be hid.      THEY LOST ON NOVEMBER 5TH.

The second thing is to prepare yourself for the next mayoral election in four years. (or less)    The sitting incumbent decided to inject big city politics into this year’s political season which hasn’t been seen since the days of Bossy Gillis.      She introduced a slate of politicians (and the natural effect of bulleting) to get her ‘party’ elected.       She also used any means possible to achieve the goal, some legal and others legal but not ethical and it remains to be seen if everything was up and up.       What it does reveal is that anyone running against her will be preparing to match fire with fire.        The sensitive will have to cover their ears and perhaps even their eyes – it’s going to get rough.        Lord Sith in this last election, being a dark sider, decided to go with the ‘old’ ways of doing things and was blown away.

The third thing to especially note is that preservation is here to stay and will get stronger.     Even the Daily News recognized in December of 2012 that if the LHD ordinance had come to a vote it would have been approved.         People like Newburyport the way it is right now and know if given proper stewardship; it will continue to be a great place – not a place to be consumed and used up for the benefit of a few developers and powerful families in town.       Even Dick Sullivan recognized that the downtown needed to be protected and most agree with him.     While the COW people may seem upset over the candidate slate, they shouldn’t be – everything they want will come to pass, they just need to be patient and watchful.     This city council is an historic preservation body and getting the city’s heritage tourism thriving through cultural districts, parking garages,  well-thought out planned development and our historic architecture protected; will keep real estate assessments high and equity richly endowed.      Yes, in spite of the banks, even affordable housing will become a top priority to prevent Newburyport becoming a playground for liberal elitists and the rich.       The key is urban planning not dictated by homespun ‘Brookers and dark siders.

The fourth thing is the formidable power of the school lobby.      Okay, they’re not a smart bunch in spite of their interest in education but they are powerful politically.     The Mayor was sunk in this last election until she allied with the Port Pride group. (See comment below from Yeat boy)     To get a bunch of tight-wad Yankees to cough up the money for new schools put some new power into the hands of families who have little connection with Newburyport proper except for the schools.       Which will mean the Mayor will have to be careful with this bunch.       The Newburyport School System is known in the state as being mediocre at best; this is no Andover School System!      To get it to that level is going to mean having an education network that is more than a building committee and employment service for administrators and educators – it will need to create curriculum, electives and quality standards to create college-attending, global savvy students prepared for the 21st century.     Brainwashing them politically may boost their self-esteem and make the students feel good and have school spirit as they are used as political pawns but it won’t help those same students with their futures!

The fifth thing is the political scene.       Expect things to become very rocky.     We have an extreme-leftist Mayor with a tax and spend agenda that she thinks knows no bounds.      We need a vigilante, independent city council and school committee that needs to put the citizens and the children ahead of unions and special interest groups.       If she can’t get her way all the time it will actually be good for her forcing her to be diplomatic and pragmatic.    Then history will treat her kindly as she will then achieve much.   If they fail, see a rising chorus of anger across the city from a wide range of citizens some even from her base.       This anger will hurt our city because they may choose to strike at her by throwing out anyone who has been linked to her in this last election.

Remember Bill Clinton in 1994!

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to A Review of the Newburyport Election Season

  1. YEAT boy says:

    Interesting post. One correction on point 4: FWD is the group supportive of NRA plans. I think you mean “Port Pride”, which supported the school building project….

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