Reality–the hangover after the politics

I know!     It’s a real downer – after all the excitement of working for your particular ‘messiah’ or ‘crusade’; then IT comes around.

Those who were feverishly working for their candidate who has lost – there is the election evening for hugs and sad laments, bucking it up and congratulating the winner.

Then it’s back to the next day at work, concerns over family and worries on how to combat the holidays.

Then the winning camp has to figure out the day after the celebratory party, on how exactly they ARE going to fulfill all the commitments and lofty promises.      And if it’s a newly elected candidate, what exactly does one DO in the particular office won.      Sometimes, all the advice and all the preparation is not enough.  Perhaps it’s a blessing that everyone is scrambling through to the quiet of January; gives some time to get everything in order out of sight and out of mind of the public.

Reality produces the realization that when it comes to our most pressing issues: historic preservation and the waterfront, there is still buckets of political effort needed to see these concerns through.     All the while, realizing that the downtown is still unprotected and the waterfront is still mostly dirt parking lots.

What a downer.

So, how does one get through the depression and the frustration.     How does one not despair and get bitter and take Job’s wife’s suggestion, “Curse God and die”? (Okay, maybe not that radical but I still see many give up and literally move away!)


Keep a clear vision of what needs to be done and stick to it.        That way, when obstacles and yet another delay occurs, you compensate; you don’t quit.     You have an objective and it may take a while but you’re going to get there.         

I consider the fine example of the Friends of the Council on Aging.      They worked, they planned, they promoted and one false hope rose up and another one came but their objective was the same.      Many tried to get them distracted, but they stayed on message.           And now, all that diligence is starting to pay off.           When one Mayor proposed to put them in a pit (Pearson’s Pit to be exactly) to now through another Mayor having a shiny new facility off High Street.           

And that should be a lesson to us all.         The protection of the Newburyport Historic District and especially the Downtown is going to take consistency in advocacy.       A beautiful, expanded park downtown that some fool in the future will take for granted and figure it was always there; will actually become a reality.

One thing we can not do.

Let that advocacy lapse.         It happened to the historic preservationists and to the open waterfront group, and it let profiteers and those with antiquated views to fill in the void.

Remember what the Bible says,

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”


-P. Preservationist

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