My Views on the Candidates

Newburyport voters are FAMOUS for keeping their final decision on whom they will cast a ballot close to their vest – leaving bloggers, journalists and political guru’s dying to find out.

I am not so vain as to think one person’s reasons for voting a particular way is the only resource that citizens will use.

My views are competing with local newspapers, social media guru’s, special interest groups and voter blocks.     But I am growing weary of hearing people ask me, “Who are you voting for?”

You keep asking – so like it or not – you’re going to get an answer!

At Large Candidates:

Ari Herzog – I can tell I’m a 20th century man because I don’t understand his appeal as a social media master.   He’s like a geek who is so fascinated with sub processors and computers that he never actually uses one as a tool.     Hopefully, if elected, enough fellow historic preservationists will get on the council that he won’t weasel again over the LHD issue when it is brought up in the future.      Though I am definitely confused and puzzled , he will get my vote.

Barry Connell – Well, talk is cheap except with Barry.    He can bore you to tears but you have to listen because he follows his words with action.    And he loves Newburyport so much so that much positive legislation has passed through his hands that benefits us all.     A solid historic preservationist.     He gets my vote.

Bruce Menin – Talks like a Communist and yet leads an all-American Boy Scout troop.     He is an ardent conservationist and historic preservationist and HE LOVES NEWBURYPORT!    Yes, local politics make for strange bedfellows!      He gets my vote. (I can’t believe I’m doing this!)

Bruce Vogel – He is a solid, results-oriented conservationist and dedicated to historic preservation.     Given that, he disgraced himself when he was elected to the Charter Commission, was divisive on it by taking on the attitude he was against the whole concept of a re-write; then disappeared for months and then when most of the work was done, sent a letter of resignation – those months could have been taken up by a replacement.    His actions and the inability to follow through soured me.    He won’t get my vote.

Ed Cameron – Rational, common sensed (What’s he doing in politics?) and truly loves Newburyport.     Just his presence adds stability to the council.    The best of all, he is a staunch historic preservationist.    He gets my vote.

Laurel Allgrove – A deer in the headlights.    All I can say is that her intelligence and convictions escape her the moment she is in the limelight.    Good.   Don’t want someone who is anti-historic preservation like her on the city council anyway.      She won’t get my vote.

Lyndi Lanphear – When people talk to me about her they say, “Do you know Lyndi Lanphear?   She’s crazy!” and when they say it, they say it this way, “Do you know Lyndi Lanphear?     SHE’S CRAZY!”  (Makes me wonder what she does or says to elicit this response.)     Obviously, being a Libertarian with a fantasy view of property rights puts her in my crap list.     She definitely won’t get my vote.

Meghan Kinsey – Scares the wits out of me!    Reminds me of a nuclear reactor without coolant.    Hopefully, if elected, the rest of the councilors can steer her toward historic preservation and issues that benefit the city.     I think she is weak myself on non-school issues and would gladly sacrifice them for her beloved schools. (Just the way I see it) She won’t get my vote.

Sheila Mullins – She doesn’t fit into a stereotype.    Talks like a woman libber but can cook and sew and manage her house and runs multiple businesses.     She may talk conservative and is tight with money but won’t hesitate to hug a tree, pet a kitty and push for the LHD.    Passionately loves Newburyport and has a solid track record of benefiting the city directly.     Of course, she gets my vote.

Ward Councilors: (If I could clone myself (of course, one of me is quite enough) and live in different parts of the city, I would vote the following: (West to East)

Tom O’Brien – I’d write in Steve Hutchinson.    Tom needs to go!     Hopefully, if he does get re-elected, we’ll keep him around so people won’t forget what a dark sider is…and be so warned!

Larry Giunta vs. Sean Reardon – Larry is pretty good except on the historic preservation issue – I’d vote for Swell-Guy Reardon who has come out strong for historic preservation, but if Larry gets in, I won’t be too upset – in fact he would be good for the city as he has buckets of common sense.

Tom Jones vs. Charlie Tontar – Charlie Tontar as I have said before definitely understands the economics of Newburyport.   There will be no snickering over historic preservation when it comes up before the council.

Bob Cronin vs. Leslie Eckholdt – Other than the strange obsession with plastic, my vote would definitely go for Leslie.    She is level-headed, practical and definitely is concerned with her ward and no stranger to historic preservation.

Jared vs. Chris – Ward 2 is the hottest neighborhood in Newburyport – We need someone who understands that it will remain that way if we stay ‘historic’.     With Jared we’ll continue to be a most-desired ward and his knowledge of long-term urban planning is invaluable.

Heartquist vs. Ferrick – My evaluation of Allison hasn’t changed since my last opinion of her.    Hopefully, there will be enough historic preservationists on the council to put a backbone on her (and Herzog) on historic protections.

Well, that is how I would vote.     My hope is that by sharing you my preferences, I might persuade the average tight-as-a-cherry-clam, secretive Newburyporter.

See you tomorrow on election day.

-P. Preservationist

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5 Responses to My Views on the Candidates

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    Thanks Jerry. Appreciate your candor — and support.

  2. Kim Kudym says:

    What does “talking like a woman libber” mean?

  3. Livvy says:

    You are allowed to be a communist and be a Boy Scout Leader. This *is* America. Having said that, Menin has an unbelievable number of IQ points, as does Cameron and Mullins. I am also voting for Ari, because he performs a vital reporting and communications function that no one else performs. I dig the fact that he won’t state a position until he sees it in writing. Every great executive I have ever worked abides by the same policy. My list matched your list 4 out of 5, and I will strongly reconsider my #5 based on your reco. Thanks.

  4. Nancy Harrington says:

    Yes, I’d like to understand what you could possibly mean by “talks like a woman libber”? Are all candidates required to “cook and sew” to get your vote?

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