Fight the Machine!

Mayor's OfficeIt is probably the worst kept secret in Newburyport – but the Mayor has decided to create a political machine to get a whole series of ‘yes’ men (yes people?) on the council.

This way she can have a majority who simply rubber stamp anything that she brings up to the city council chamber.

At least in recent history, this has never been attempted.

It will, unless someone can show me historically, will be the first result of the new chamber creating a ‘strong’ mayor.     Or shall we say, a bad side effect.

In other communities, it is often how useless individuals, even criminal no-goods get into high office.

It doesn’t matter who they are, who controls them or even if they have a terrible record; they were elected by the ‘machine’.

The mayor picks a slate of candidates, and her supporters only bullet them on the selection and often will not even fill in on the ballot all of the slots.

Thus the votes focus only on these candidates on the slate and no ‘stray’ choices help support those who are not ‘chosen’.Slates

It requires coordination and discipline.

But in Newburyport, it could spell disaster for our future.       Due to the topic of historic preservation, I certainly will be voting for the Mayor, but creating a yes men council would put no checks and balances on a person who is prone to a tax and spend mentality.         Rubber stamping would give way to too much power to the executive office, and it would negate the powerful action of checks and balances that Theophilus Parsons so many years ago championed.

We need independent voices on the council who seek to keep spending under control – not a powerless loyal opposition that makes noise and little else.

How can you as a voter who cares about Newburyport and don’t want to be pushed out by an out-of-control city government stop this ‘slate’?.

Vote for councilors who have an independent voice but also have the citizens of Newburyport in mind; not the Mayor’s

We may end up with a strong mayor but a city council that does its homework will be reinforcing the saying,


-P. Preservationist

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One Response to Fight the Machine!

  1. PP, You are making an incredibly HUGE mistake by voting for DH. I hope you will reconsider and vote for Dick Sullivan. The election is more than just about preservation, you know? He is the better candidate and will certainly do a better job. I can not vote until I move back to Nbpt. but I do support my friend and classmate Dickie Sullivan. I also hope Mrs. Mullins gets into office. You do plan to vote for her right?

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