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Economic Diversity

Blood. As a living being, you simply can’t live without it – but as anyone who may be concerned with blood flow – i.e. high pressure, low pressure – it is not just the blood but its continual flow that … Continue reading

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Take a Hike!

The ticks have (temporarily) gone and the insects have disappeared and the air is clear and crisp!      Coupled with the autumn colors, this is truly a great time to visit nature.         The birds are clustering in restless flocks trying to … Continue reading

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Autumn Foliage

According to the website, this year’s autumn display should be spectacular with an ever growing peak from the Columbus Day weekend all the way to Veteran’s Day, November 11th.      They also have a special website for maximizing the time … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic!

In the book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe, this term is used  in several ways by the author, Douglas Adams.     The novel explains the phrase is often displayed in the Guide to calm intergalactic travellers especially when dealing with subjects … Continue reading

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There is presently no one to contest the seat in Ward 6 held presently by Tom O’Brien.      As I stated in an earlier post describing the incumbent, he had but one major agenda, keeping the pathway open for his family … Continue reading

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Quick Move

Considering today’s weather – the Preservation Trust’s annual meeting will be at 4:00 at 64 Federal Street (corner of Federal & Temple). It may be a last-minute notice – in the hopes that you have glanced at your smart phone … Continue reading

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Technology enables the revealing of history

Recently, the First Friday Friends Socials have exploded in attendance – and it not only indicates that a larger venue is needed but how small so many Newburyport sites end up in our ‘small’ city.      Last month, a large number … Continue reading

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People are tired of politicians who just talk

It’s easy to be a demagogue as long as you aren’t held accountable. It’s easy to criticize when you’re not in the limelight. And it’s easy to make a lot of promises. We almost are trained in our society to … Continue reading

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Stripping away the history

You can see it on Bromfield, you can see it in Joppa, in fact all over the South End.    Yes, you can see it right at the corner of Johnston Street & High. Contractors, developers and homeowners who have totally … Continue reading

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Vote for me; I’m a swell guy

I was very excited over reading in the Daily News this morning that we will be having a debate involving the councilor-at-large candidates & incumbents. That will be on the 16th – and should be an excellent opportunity to hear … Continue reading

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