Working around the Mayor

We’ve had some real ‘bad’ mayors, and we’ve had good mayors that did bad things out of ignorance or by taking the wrong advice from the supposedly ‘right’ sources – and we’ve had mayors who just didn’t know what the hell they were doing – some got away with it and others didn’t.

What is clearly apparent from the march of recent history (from 1950 onward) that a lot of GOOD THINGS have been done even under the most bad of the baddest mayors. (You know whom I speak of)

It all depends on dedicated citizens who aggressively work to better their community.     They may get opposition whether passively or aggressively – but they just keep on championing what is good for the city.

In this present line up of candidates – one incumbent and one looking in from the outside, we’re not going to have the ‘right’ candidate.

Oh sure, if the citizens rise up and champion the good things, then that time will rub off on a mayor and history will be kind to him. (or her.)

But we’ve got two candidates who are determined to harm our historic city.

Under the incumbent, we’ve seen a blind eye as historical house after historical house has been gutted with nary a shrug – and blacktop and cold concrete slathered all over our historic district destroying the allure of our historic port.     And the mayor has been suckered in by the siren song of those who demand ‘buildings’ over open space for the sake of ‘business’ and the sacrifice of our quality of life for the sake of supporting a school hierarchy.

And of the candidate who hopes to replace this present mayor?      Destruction of city planning, wiping out of the influence of our citizen volunteer boards and an accent on industry with an abandonment of heritage tourism.     And the worst, re-establishment of the good ole boy network in the halls of power cutting off the influence of two-thirds of the electorate.

Praise God we have a republic!

Those who love Newburyport, those who sacrifice their talents and time on the alter of public service (real public service that ain’t got a paycheck attached!) coming from all sectors of the city are going to be effective in mitigating and even canceling out the negative actions of the mayor and even from a bad city council.

It’s hard work, unthankful with little private gain; but without it; we as a city won’t be able to sustain Newburyport as a quality place.

Of course, I don’t want Lord Sith to get elected – but if he manages to con his way in – it will be the citizens who will get us through to the next election.

We may even prosper!

-P. Preservationist

PS. We’ve had mayors who wanted to put a refinery in the Common Pasture, sewer plant on the waterfront, 40B’s in our wetlands, pavement to our water’s edge, discount shopping malls in our downtown and advocated for contemporary buildings and convinced Beacon Hill to have our parks paved – yes, it hurt us when they got away with it but in so many instances, the citizens rose up to stop them and saved the day.

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1 Response to Working around the Mayor

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    A republic we may be — but also a democracy. Ain’t that grand?

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