Good Ole’ Boys

boss_hoggThere was a time in Newburyport that our city was run very much like we see in the headlines concerning Lawrence.           The town was run in a very political way – political way as in a mafia family.        You got no where unless you ‘paid your respects’ to the head boss.      You got no where unless you’re connected and part of the ‘family’ – a close network who are allowed access.      If you’re unfortunately on the outside, you can still ‘get things done’ but you’ve gotta pay – and that would have translated into many payoffs into the right pockets.

That was the way Newburyport used to be run.       It helped to be a townie, it helped to be born and raised here and it definitely helped if you were a friend of the Mafioso.

Many would love to hearken back to those days.

But now, the city’s old guard has largely been supplanted by newcomers.     Not only were they not born and raised here; most were largely unaware they had to do payoffs.     They had wacky ideas of professionalism, long-range city planning, un-biased, legal structures of proper business practices and (horrors) modern methods of efficiency.          

Not only were they unaware, they had totally different priorities.      They wanted well-managed parks, rail trails, open space, efficient government, green-technology and well-managed emergency management services.      They wanted smooth government based on compromise and open communication.       And they wanted modern schools.

And it is this reason that an ever-present tactic this year is not going to work.        

This idea that, I the candidate, is of the old guard.      

One mayoral candidate is pushing that idea.

And several candidates for at-large and ward seats are milking the ‘Ole Boy’ idea – born and raised here or well-connected to the old families of the city.

This at a time when three-fourths of the city are not born and raised here.       Have no connection to the seedy past of yesteryear and certainly have no desire to see such forms of government management returned.

The ‘Ole Boy’ voting block hasn’t gone away and they are sizeable enough they doomed Greg Earl’s chances for the mayor’s office; and they know the clock is running out.

This will be the last chance for them to regain power.          Time and the ever-increasing flow of newcomers to the city will destroy any chance of them regaining their former status.

My message to those candidates; Run claiming that you would like to return the city to the old days, but the majority of us here in Newburyport don’t like the idea of voting for a candidate that is dedicated to making most of us disenfranchised.

Let’s let the good ole’ boys do what they have been doing for decades

– moving to Newbury! (or Florida)

-P. Preservationist

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