I get no respect!

Rodney Dangerfield

There are so many people that we admire out in the world – whether in business, entertainment, music or in our community and in the political world, that we often; when we hear they prefer one opinion or another, will be greatly influenced.

And if one of these admired says, “I think this man or this woman should be elected” or, “I prefer this organization or this cause”; more often than not a great many will defer to that person’s decision rather than do their own study as to supporting a person or a cause.

That is because they are respected.

Now on the other hand, if some stranger off the street starts going around telling everyone, “I think you should vote for this person,” or “I think you should support this organization”; the obvious response will be,

“Why on earth should I do what you want.    I’ll make my own decision!”

Well, on this blog, I WILL be telling you how you should vote.

And sure enough, I’m going to get the same response!

“Why on earth should I do what you want.   I’ll make my own decision!”

That’s because I am not respected.          I’m not famous and certainly don’t wield political power.

So, I had better have some good reasons why you should vote may way.


And that makes me happy.         Perhaps instead of shutting off the cognitive parts of the brain, some of what I offer may cause readers to ask questions, to do some research and some reading.

Of course I want you to vote my way – but I’ll be giving you some good reasons.

Brace yourself in the next two weeks.      

You will be called upon to think!

-P. Preservationist

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2 Responses to I get no respect!

  1. Bruce Menin says:

    No, not thinking, not that!!! I was assured that there would be no math this election…

  2. Dear PP, Did you get a chance to see the mayoral debate last night? I was strapped to camera 2 for the evening so I did not have a chance to get downstairs to see anyone. Both candidates looked great on live tv. I am proposing to have a live tv event for the ward candidates at Port Media if we can make it happen before Nov. 5th. Interested in helping me out? I am calling Andrew this afternoon. email me today and maybe we can collaborate.

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