I’m a swell guy II

I am losing patience with Sean Reardon.

Even his supporters can only re-iterate the same message over and over again – “He’s a swell guy”.

His family and close friends say he’s a swell guy.

Thus, we’re suppose to vote for him because he is a ‘swell guy’!?!

I’m sorry, but this is bordering on the territory of conmen, demagogues, corrupt politicians and tyrants.

We’re suppose to vote for someone because that candidate looks good and talks smoothly.

I’m not buying it and I would suspect that, if elected, he will answer to NO ONE.

Oh, sure, all those closest to him will get a seat at the table.

But where is his track record?

What about listening to those who don’t get an invitation for his many parties?

I suspect that most in Ward 5 will not be invited to the reindeer games.

I’d rather vote for someone who has a backbone and understands the issues, and more importantly, is not afraid to state his views.

His many constituents may not agree with him but they’ll respect the fact that a real person with real convictions has a grasp on the complex issues that a city councilor, especially a ward councilor may potentially have thrust upon him.

Charging up San Juan Hill crying, “Onward, forward” won’t do.

Give the Ward Five citizens the information they need to vote in the race!*

-P. Preservationist

* Or is there a reason they’re getting nothing?

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1 Response to I’m a swell guy II

  1. Mary Baker Eaton says:

    Hi Jerry,

    This if from Sean Reardon’s Face book page today. He is very big on historic preservation. Mary

    “Vote Sean Reardon for City Councilor – Ward 5
    Less than two weeks!
    Each day until the election I will be posting my views on some city issues that have not been addressed yet as well as posting my full responses given to the Daily News when they ran their profile last Friday? Many of these questions will be coming from the Councilor at-large forum held last Wednesday which I attended.
    First up: Historic Preservation
    Historic preservation in Newburyport is very important. Our historic city prospers in many ways because of its’ connection to the past. Our downtown and historic buildings must be protected, so future generations can come to Newburyport, appreciate the architecture, and learn about our past. I am absolutely in favor of a Local Historical District (LHD). The parameters of that district is where we need to find some compromise but our downtown must be protected as well as some of our city’s greatest architectural treasures. I am in favor of a 24 month demolition delay to protect historic homes from developers with deep pockets. I graduated with a History degree and got hooked on history at a very early age. Jim Raymond was my 4th grade teacher at the Belleville School (now Bresnahan) and he really fostered/encouraged my interest in history. I always considered myself so lucky to grow up in a city with such a rich historical past. I want my own kids to also be able to grow up and see the history that is all around our great city.”

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