There is presently no one to contest the seat in Ward 6 held presently by Tom O’Brien.      As I stated in an earlier post describing the incumbent, he had but one major agenda, keeping the pathway open for his family to have positions in city government.       Thus, his attitude has often been,

“ family first, the city second.”

Back in July of 2012, after many years not having an agenda and though a “dark sider” at heart; but not acting upon that belief; he ended up the natural choice for Council President.     Both the legislative and executive arms of government admired his ability to be an effective liaison between the two branches of government.      His organizing  and managing skills have practically made the council sessions, once the best circus entertainment in the city, to become rather boring as they ran smoothly with minimal demagoguery.

Unfortunately, this last December; all that changed as he has thoroughly soiled himself by allowing his dark side views to come to the surface.

He has recently abandoned his constituent services to his ward, pushed an anti-historic preservation agenda, stacked committees to make it difficult for historic preservationists and city planners to advance an agenda and clearly has used his “president” position to taint the interaction between the council and the Mayor.

If this city moves forward into the future, he should not be re-elected back into the Council President position.

Thus, regardless of the outcome of the elections, one of the first moves is to advocate his removal from that position and replace him with someone who is more even-handed.

Worst of all, many city services that aught to be addressed in Ward Six are not being advocated aggressively.      

We need a write-in vote for someone to replace the incumbent – and there is a perfect candidate to fill that position.

Steve Hutcheson has run in the past for Ward 6.     If the city council won’t remove Tom O’Brien from the president position, citizens in his ward aught to do it for them.

On election day, if you are in Ward 6; and need someone who knows that the future of the city lies in taking care of our historic assets. (which pushes up equity and property values in our non-historical parts of our city) and need someone who actually understands active constituent services: you need to write in Steve Hutcheson on the ballot.


We need an advocate who puts his fellow citizens first, not his relatives.

-P. Preservationist

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  1. Good morning PP, Does Steve even want to be elected to the city council in the upcoming election? Yes, he’d be a wonderful councilor, he has the experience having served in the past. I’d think making a phone call to him and perhaps interviewing him would be the first step. If he says YES then he needs to organize his own group for a write in vote. I hear that Greg Earls may also have a write in campaign for mayor. Interesting. If he does respond to you can you please post your interview with him here? I would love to read it.

  2. Knowing Councilor Hutcheson, I doubt very much he will join General Sherman in saying, “If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.” When it comes to representing the citizens of Newburyport, he is tenacious in being a city councilor. In the past, he ran in Ward 6 and lost, then he ran for at-large…and lost. Then he ran again and lost again. Third time was a charm and he was elected. His service has been one of dedication and not shirking away from controversial votes. (One of the first to support the new Charter, for example, when all others were still prevaricating.)

    It is my opinion that he would love to serve for at least two more years. Probably the reason he is not running this time is because of a promise to the other councilors who appointed him that he would not seek to be re-elected.

    But his even hand and dedication to the citizens would be a refreshing replacement.

    • Here’s an idea: ASK STEVE if he wants to have a write in campaign. Speculating on who is doing what does not serve anyone any good, but going directly to the person and asking them simply,
      “You up for the challenge?” And there you will have your answer.

  3. “Go away kid, ya bother me.”

    — W.C. Fields

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