Technology enables the revealing of history

Recently, the First Friday Friends Socials have exploded in attendance – and it not only indicates that a larger venue is needed but how small so many Newburyport sites end up in our ‘small’ city.      Last month, a large number of people had to stand in the room adjacent – and catch glimpses of the speaker.

Last month, so many showed up for the Mayoral forum at the Firehouse, that again – a sizeable number had to stand in the lobby – and hear what they could.

Just like the advances in archeology that ground-sensing radar has contributed, we need some technology in this town!

How hard would it be to pickup from BJ, Costco, Sam’s Club , PortMedia and even Taylor Rental some close circuit equipment so people can watch in the other room?

In this community, as more and more people become engaged in cultural and political events, it is important that everyone can feel they can participate.

Let’s do like the Screening Room and start throwing around a price. (I guarantee it will be a whole lot cheaper!)

A movement or organization that can’t grow, will stagnate.

It would be a shame if it was simple space* that caused it.

-P. Preservationist

* The Custom House has plans to expand with a building in the back but its reality is many (and I mean many) years into the future.

PS. Tonight is a special presentation on Al Capp of Dogpatch fame.   I laughed when I visited Arkansas and they had a Dogpatch USA theme park considering he was from Amesbury.  And the port of call is Bombay (try finding that on today’s map!)     And no, don’t ask if the food is ‘spicy’ or ‘hot’.    This is authentic food  not designed for New England bland taste buds.      Get adventurous out there and try some!    Hint: cool the tongue with bread not water. (Just saying.)

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