People are tired of politicians who just talk

It’s easy to be a demagogue as long as you aren’t held accountable.

It’s easy to criticize when you’re not in the limelight.

And it’s easy to make a lot of promises.

We almost are trained in our society to recognize that in all likelihood, we won’t see these commitments fulfilled.

People aren’t even surprised anymore.      

They yearn for a decisive leader who not only makes promises but knows how to make them come to pass!

But if you’re a politician, it also means you’re taking a lot of risk – people get all pumped up by your leadership and then they get disappointed if you fail.

Mayor Holaday is much like some of history’s leaders that took risks against so many who rose up in opposition and were filled with hate.

George Washington, John Adams, and as we know from history, Abraham Lincoln as well as non-Americans such as Winston Churchill are examples.

They delivered, they were hated and then they were later venerated.

That’s because they got things done and their work created a lasting benefit.

Mayor Holaday doesn’t just talk, she gets things done.

This election may be tight but what I am hoping is that she is humbled by all the opposition and will come out of it, a better leader.

I’m voting for the person who we KNOW will get things done.

Or is that why so many don’t want her re-elected?

-P. Preservationist

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