Vote for me; I’m a swell guy

I was very excited over reading in the Daily News this morning that we will be having a debate involving the councilor-at-large candidates & incumbents.

That will be on the 16th – and should be an excellent opportunity to hear out fairly all those participants!

But what about the ward councilor races?      These competing candidates need a voice too!    

Many do not have a website or even an active Facebook presence. (As in actually indicating what they consider important, who they are and why they are running.)

Showing a toothy smile, and giving a brief biography doesn’t tell me much.

I mean, even after he lost in the preliminary vote, I would like to have known more about the Ward 4 candidate, Sean McDonald’s background, what he stood for and what he planned to do if he was elected.      Paula Chamber’s website was too vague – I would have loved to see more than just a picture on a sign and some general concepts.

If the voters simply knew more concrete information, it may have changed the outcome of the vote!

So now, we have quite a few left with nothing for the rest of us to be informed on but a bunch of slick brochures, bright signs, cheerful Internet sites and those happy smiles.

The Daily News is supposed to inform the citizens – so when are we getting the whole picture on ALL those who are running!?!

Well, until that happens,

I bet the candidates are thankful they spent all that money on regular dentist visits!

-P. Preservationist

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2 Responses to Vote for me; I’m a swell guy

  1. PP: Sunday afternoon we are also holding a forum on the MARKET SQUARE BULLNOSE, 1-4pm. Sheila was invited but has not responded. Donations of canned foods are being requested to go to local food pantries. come on down and meet them all, bring donations, help the needy. All candidates running for all offices are expected to appear, a few have declined. WILL YOU JOIN US? I HOPE SO. Hosted by Kathy Heywood.

  2. Bruce Menin says:

    Dear PP:
    Not for nothing, as my friend Danny McCarthy always says, but there would be a lot more information available to “the public” if the Daily News let go of it’s very anachronistic policy of refusing to publish letters to the editor written by candidates for office. I am certainly willing to add a disclaimer on anything I’d submit, and I think the people are wise enough to know when they are being snowed by a candidate.

    I am a candidate for Councillor at Large; in my previous 5 city-wide races (4 School Committee, 1 Charter Commission) I offered to set up Lincoln-Douglas style debates for all candidates running for the same I office I was seeking- never had a single taker. I did end up having to set up the only debate during the last School Committee election; no one stepped forward to do it.

    Sheesh. We can do better, be more transparent and accessible. The community should have a chance to see us all in the same place, and ask us questions.

    Bruce Menin

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