Bring them in…

Trails and Sails is coming this weekend amongst spectacular fall weather.      Unlike the ‘Cruisin’ in the 50’s” and the Cocktail Competition which had nothing to do with the city itself; this event will be bringing in visitors who specifically want to learn more about our Newburyport.

We’ve got events that cover the eco-tourism crowd.

We’ve got events that cover our historic sites.

We’ve got events that involve our maritime seaport.

And we’ve got tours that cover our long march through time and all the significant events between.

I encourage local residents to be as welcoming as possible to those visitors who are sporting the Trails & Sails decal on their shirts. 

The restoration of our downtown was the spark for restoring our economic standing but it has been the slow process of getting visitors here that translated into the community we see today.

Once we can drag them in past Storey Avenue, we’ve got ’em hooked.       So many not only fall in love with Newburyport, their souls demand to live here.

So be nice to that tourist who almost walked into your car or has that rather dumb dazed look in their face –

they could end up being your neighbor!

-P. Preservationist

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