Appealing to the Clueless

People often wonder, “How do bad leaders get into office?” and “How did someone so incompetent or even criminal manage to obtain higher office?”

Political wonks and those who have a deep understanding of the issue’s often stand aghast and wonder if the average voter is just plain “stupid”.

In actuality, they are most definitely not!

Do you think Albert Einstein when he was walking around the Princeton University campus without his pants on, an idiot or stupid?   

Of course not!

He simply was focusing on those things that he felt most important – on the order of priorities what is basic clothing demands when you’re calculating the mathematics of the Grand Unification Theory?

And the same goes for the average voter out there.        They’re not stupid, they are simply distracted.       We are in a society that is far more complicated than many areas of the world where basic needs of food and shelter excludes all else.

Our society demands attention to one’s self, one’s family, one’s career and one’s society.     Our flow of information bombards us with international and national and local concerns.       Iran is as close as New York, and Boston is as close as Salisbury – all flooding in at once.

It doesn’t take long for someone lacking ethics but very cunning to see that this distraction can be used to obtain higher office.      All you have to do is make yourself sound very good and very reasonable.      “I’m a swell guy, vote for me!”      “Aren’t I approachable?”   Or the standard line, “You can trust me to do the right thing!”

Most voters have too much on their plate to investigate extensively any one particular candidate.     Even when local papers such as the Daily News, bloggers such as the P. Preservationist and Internet news sources offer that information, most won’t even bother.        It is more often than not, a simple question, “What can you do to satisfy my families and my friends basic concerns?”

Thus, the real challenge is, “How can we grab the attention of the average voter?”

To do it right, you have to get their attention.      That means bumper stickers, debate events, flyers and push cards, radio & TV messages, coffees and stand outs.    

All in the hope of grabbing enough voters attention that they will vote for a particular person or in a particular way.

It’s hard work, it’s expensive as in time and money but that IS the challenge.

I’m actually very encouraged by all the political activity being generated recently in our city.      There was a time when the apathy was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.     Average voters had intimate knowledge of Boston and DC politics but could only offer blank stares when asked about Newburyport politics.


Make enough noise so they notice you!

-P. Preservationist

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2 Responses to Appealing to the Clueless

  1. YEAT boy says:

    Why is NOONE talking about the elephant in the room/city?? Namely that large derelict poster child welcome sign to downtown – 81-83 Merrimac St ?? It looks like a collapse waiting to it yet another demo delay?? It’s owned by Mr. Karps group, I believe. How long does it have to look like that? A lovely 1870s French 2nd empire mansion, just waiting for the wrecking ball. What gives? ( ).

    Sounds like a job for port preservationist.

  2. Interesting – I was not aware it was owned by them – I did check the assessor’s record. House deserves to be researched – will require a session in the old newspaper archives looking for a mention of the ‘move’.

    Newburyport Development owns it – but as you can see from their general care of buildings, they are not interested right now to be anything else but landlords dutifully grabbing their lease money – waiting for New England Development to make a move. Explains why the Fowles sign has not been restored, why the area along Merrimac to Route One is in disrepair and left unappealing…and why Richards Repair Shop has not been purchased. Right now, the only investment is in upgrading the marina’s and a thorough clearing of the waterfront.

    Are they waiting for the other shoe (NED) to drop?

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