Willful Blindness

My detractors are constantly accusing me of being an agitator (guilty), name-caller (guilty) with no substance behind my statements. (not guilty)Categories

There is a big difference between a Jerry Springer who is just trying to stir up the crowd for the sake of entertainment and a blogger who has defined, fact-based goals in mind.

ArchivesAnd those who post attacks against me simply need to look at my blog and website to confirm it.

So, for those who have eyes to see, I have the following:

Years and years of informative, fact-based, historically-grounded posts accessible over the years and listed directly to the right on my blog.

Just below that list is a long line of categories in case you wish to investigate posts that are aligned on a particular subject.

Always to the bottom of my signature is the website, www.ppreservationist.com.       This has mountains of factual information in a non-blog format for those who just want the meat concerning history, preservation, tourism, home improvement and urban planning with a healthy dose of political information.

Underlying this are links to my SkyDrive which is accessible from the box of links lower down on my website in which loads of books, documentation, pictures, references and videos are available for serious research.


Behind the scenes, I have a vast amount of draft posts, partial histories and incomplete research that is not up to the standards of a proper blog post which will eventually show up for all readers to see.

I have also long-running serials such as Biographies, House Stories, Newburyport Home Companion, The History of Newburyport Mayors, and short mini-sequels that are scheduled to be uploaded.

And this, of course, will be along side day-to-day community and political posts as this thriving city continues to grope its way to the future.

So for my detractors, you can stop the useless accusations.

As to the rest of my readers, I am just getting started!    


-P. Preservationist

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2 Responses to Willful Blindness

  1. YIKES! Somebody sure has an awful lot of time on his hands. You sure you want to get into an argument with people? Especially the candidates right now? I’d hate to see you get verbally assaulted and anyone really trying to hurt you in an underhanded way. There are some mighty nasty people out there, maybe it is time to rethink some of these posts? You do not owe anyone anything. Look what happened to Tom Ryan and the Undertoad. Be careful.

  2. The Big difference is that I work hard to avoid making these “comments” personal. Dark Siders and yes, even Lord Sith; may be the sweetest people in the world (and some may be the nastiest) but it’s none of my business – if anyone ventures into the public arena of ideas, then it aught to be about what goes on in the arena not off stage.

    And yes, I have a life – I’m out doing things not ruminating over past posts!

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