Lisa II?

If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.

George Bernard Shaw 

They were mad because the Mayor was being heavy-handed, determined to do things her way, mixed state and national politics with local issues. and well, was just not being nice.      And many of her supporters echoed that kind of attitude.

Talking about Donna Holaday?      No, Mayor Lisa Mead.

In a surprise shakeup, when the election came, Mead was voted out of office and Al Lavender took office.

And the city suffered.      In just two short years, the new mayor turned away millions of state and federal funding earmarked for Newburyport (simply because he wasn’t even aware it was available), created a non-enforceable host agreement with a waste disposal kingpin in bed with the DEP (in which we’re still suffering the affects almost ten years later and I might add, the sad story is not over yet.); patronage contracts were issued in which one of them was the right of way to Clipper City Rail Trail II was sold to a private landowner forcing the city to expend costly money in a lawsuit later to get access; the same Mayor led a drive to reduce the CPA surcharge trying to stop what eventually came to be millions of dollars in matching funds from the state for huge improvements across the city (thankfully, the effort failed.); under this same Mayor, the HUD preservation restrictions that could have been renewed were lost leaving the Downtown unprotected; and High Street was paved improperly in an effort to do the entire length, neglecting the proper grinding down of the old pavement – causing storm water to flow into private citizen’s basements since the new pavement went practically to the curb.      

I could go on…a lot can be done in just two short years of the wrong mayor in office*.         Just imagine putting in the wrong mayor for FOUR YEARS!

Righteous anger can be a good thing but emotional anger based on perceived insult can abandon practical reasoning and political sanity.

I’ve showed you just a little peak at History at what happens if you let anger get the better of you when you go to vote.

So the question will be, “Will history repeat itself?”

-P. Preservationist

* The one bright spot in Lavender’s administration was the hiring of Nick Cracknell for Planning & Development Director – but even he had to follow whatever his Boss told him to do.

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