Turncoats win big!

Apparently going back on your word is the very thing to do to get elected!

Chris Welch was able to fool many in Ward 2 that he was a preservationist…and it worked!   (Turns out he is actually an anti-historic preservationist.)

Tom Jones went back on his word as being pro-local historic district…and he has survived the first round!

Donna Holaday was for an open waterfront but changed her mind and she won!

Dick Sullivan initially lambasted the COW people, changed his position to supporting an open waterfront…and won a place for November.

Apparently, former Senator Kerry started a trend, at least in our city: he said he was for the war in Iraq but later was against it.

In Newburyport, reversals in position seem to be all the rage!

I guess that leaves the rest of us who stand firmly on our convictions out in the cold!

-P. Preservationist

PS. Congratulations to Mayor Holaday – soon to be our first four-year mayor! (Earls’ people mostly go to Holaday, and if the Mayor stands behind her recent moderation on the Waterfront, she’s got it!)

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3 Responses to Turncoats win big!

  1. Not sure why you need to interject Sec of State Kerry into local politics or why you are so down about the primary. Cheer up. You overlooked pro-preservationist Charlie Tontar’s smashing victory (50% of the vote against long-time incumbent Tom Jones!!) in Ward 4. Also you overlooked urbane urban planner Jared Eigerman’s impressive finish in Ward 2 against familiar name Welch. They are both smart, thoughtful newcomers, not pols cashing in on name recognition. Have faith in new blood, new ideas, progressive candidates!! On to November.

  2. Lois McNulty says:

    Very few Earls supporters, if any, will go to Holaday!

  3. PP: give all the nbpt voters a chance, will ya? Candidates are human, believe it or not, and humans do change their minds. Some may even surprise you by growing a backbone! I’d like to see that!

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