Taking a moment…

That’s right.     Just before we start the real election season, I thought I’d take a moment to do some reflection.

First, there is so much going on that I can not relay onto my posts because I’ve received it “off the record”.      Once I get permission from any one particular source, I will let everyone who follows my blog in on the knowledge.            Other pieces of information would actually be damaging to one party or another and frankly, they are private in nature and I simply don’t want to be delving into the politics of personal destruction.         Sometimes, even I have to deal with a thing called “responsibility”.

Second, I have to raise up a hearty, “hmmm” considering a clever practice of delaying the results of legislation.      On the national scene, the Obamacare programs have been delayed or postponed indefinitely so that supporters of the measure (mostly Democrats) will not be hurt from the implementation.         The political hope is that when the policies have come into affect, it will be so far into the future, much of the resulting suffering won’t be linked to the national healthcare system.       Well, it seems, the same approach is being made for the schools in Newburyport.      The huge tax increase on our properties to help pay for Bresnahan & the Nock won’t come into effect until January of 2014.        Granted the majority of citizens did it to themselves, it will be a shock to the system even so and force more of an exodus of the poor and lower middle class from our city.

$0-$30,000: 2000 was 23.63%, 2010 down to 19.35%
$30,000 to 100,000: 2000 was 55.14%, 2010 down to 41.37%.
Over $100,000: 2000 was 23.02%, 2010 up to 39.27%.


And these trends are accelerating!

Third, I have had this silly  theme coming from dark siders and anti-historic preservationists; that I am hyping up the negative and therefore, it is justified that many are angry at me and quite a few hate me.        I call it silly, because my intent is to enhance and promote Newburyport, not me.         I am not building an alliance of “deceived” people as many manage to do quite well out in the political arena.     I am old-fashioned – I like to deal with facts and reality – not snake oil.         And the fact that those who do deal in conning people or like to live a lie; are angry and even hate me is inconsequential.      As Winston Churchill said, “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”       Besides, I am not a nasty person that I am increasingly seeing in town – they emanate hate rays – I mean you can actually feel it dampening entire rooms!

Fourth, my motives are very simply empowered by my vision of what should be.       I may make a hundred posts and write a thousand editorials but my goals are ever before me.     In fact, when you, the reader , deal with civic leaders, it would be a good practice to seek out what each individual’s vision is: and ask yourself, “is that what I really want to see?”      Mine is simple: I want Newburyport to become an international and national heritage and eco-tourism draw – to necessitate it, we need our architectural history promoted and protected in the historic district and to reinforce that message, with brick sidewalks (brick in the district, outside the district, cement).    I want our maritime history brought to the forefront as a major draw and I want our uniqueness promoted.     As for the entire city, I want our quality of life which presently is very high to remain so and this will require community protections. (that actually work)     I also want our environment protected (that actually work) to reinforce our high quality of life.        

It’s the translation into action that requires the thousands of posts.

Fifth, it is not all about me.        I reflect it in my website, www.ppreservationist.com.       I have links to many dozens of organizations that have the same goals or are part of achieving that goal.     I have links to many individuals all working toward a similar vision.          Individuals, groups, large and small, and causes, all needy; need to be supported not just with financial contributions but with our interest and talents with the same goal of promoting Newburyport.      

So, contemplating tomorrow’s preliminary and keeping in mind, I am but one citizen in Newburyport, but with the best interest at heart for the city; this is the way I want this “primary” to go down:    Earls and Holaday duking it out for the next month; Welch & Eigerman in Ward 2; McDonald & Tontar in Ward 4.       So if anyone asks, “What does the P. Preservationist prefer?” now you know.     

Either way, I’ve got my work cut out for me!

-P. Preservationist



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1 Response to Taking a moment…

  1. I’d rather see Mr. Earls and Mr. Sullivan duking it out for mayor. I am one of those natives who sold their homes and will be headed to the great state of New Hampshire if I find suitable lodging to purchase,

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