To the exclusion of all

McMansionI have done my best to document the terrible and ongoing destruction of our Newburyport Historic District.        It is a slow but steady progression that will eventually cause us to lose our regional standing as one by one our authentic historic neighborhoods are lost.      Whether it’s outright demolishing or gutting or obliterating the outside architecture; we will eventually lose what makes Newburyport such a draw.      

We have little time left for us to stop this trend; but unfortunately, we have new players in town and they like what they see.

They see developers who are demolishing our smaller, historical buildings and replacing them with larger structures with all the modern accommodations that the 21st century can offer.     Right now, we have large buildings intermixed with smaller buildings which has created, even with all the beauty and attractiveness of our neighborhoods. draws for all economic levels to live in our city.     It has made us an extremely healthy city.

But these developers have received green lights to demolish the smaller structures so they can build larger structures – thus drawing an upper middle class house owner and yes, even drawing in the wealthy.       Pushing out the lower economic class, they have also laid the groundwork to push out the middle class since the average tax levy for the affected street now has to be adjusted upward.

Historic preservationists want to stop this gentrification which will make our city non-diversified and horribly unlivable for most Americans.

This new group wants to push out the grubby types from our city for two reasons:

More tax money can be drawn from more wealthy homes making it possible to pay for more infrastructure improvements and more money for the schools.

Higher income residents tend to be more left-leaning, more pro-government and more “sophisticated” in their politics. (I’ll leave the reader to define that term.)

This group doesn’t care about heritage tourism.   

This group doesn’t care about our history.

This group doesn’t even care how our city will look like in a few years.

It’s about comfortable living in your very own “castle” and being coddled with the very best schools and services.

It’s about being green, having social teas and wringing the hands over the “poor” while hurriedly escorting them to the borders of Newburyport.

This new group in our city will need to be stopped in their tracks or we will lose our historic city!

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to To the exclusion of all

  1. Port Sanity says:

    Are you saying we shouldn’t have the best schools we can? If so, you’re going to alienate people who may support preservation. If not, you may want to re-read your post, because that’s what it sounds like you’re saying

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