Puttin’ on a Coat

A coatIn this present political season, we have several local “challenges” that need to be addressed.      All too often, a candidate with all sincerity will take a position and everyone will read what they say and cast their votes on what they say, but later when they get into the elected office – all of a sudden, they may to everyone’s consternation and disgust change their position.       

It happens a lot out there in the political world and it all has to do with their commitment toward that particular issue.


Here in New England, we all understand the importance of wearing the appropriate clothing in the face of ever-changing weather.        It may be practically freezing in the morning and by ten or eleven o’clock, warm and sunny.      It maybe in that same day by 2 o’clock, hot and sweaty!          So, you throw on a coat when it’s cool outside and later when the sun begins to beat down and it gets hot especially around the collar, you strip off the coat so you can return to being comfortable.

And so it goes in the mind of many a politician.       You find out what the constituency will be pleased with and in order to be successful and comfortable; the issue held by the majority is taken up and championed.       But the politician really didn’t understand the complexity and the ramifications – just wanted to make sure that the majority of voters would be satisfied.       

But then the sun of public scrutiny begins to shine and the pressure begins to mount and the hot displeasure of a particular voter block or special interest begins to squeeze; and the politician decides that this “coat” is making the situation very uncomfortable.       And so, all too often, they strip it off t to get back into their comfort zone.         

The issue was sacrificed because they really at their core weren’t really interested in championing the cause.

So the questions for voters this political season are very simple.

When choosing a candidate, ask yourself, “Knowing this person, is the position they are taking a matter of political convenience or do they really believe in that stance?”, “Can I trust this individual to see it through?”

A good suggestion (try to avoid getting into their personal life) is to take a good hard look at their track record and try to detect if they have any skin in the game on some of their positions.         When listening to them or speaking with them on a particular subject, find out how well-informed they are on a topic.        

By doing this, you can then decide,

Who will bolt?  and who will stand their ground?

-P. Preservationist

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