Livin’ in Disneyland

DisneylandMany fall into the trap and feel the best living is in a resort  – they forget that the exciting novelty of a one-time visit now has to translate into a day-to-day experience.     The activities and sites that seemed so special are now in the category of, “been there, seen it and done that”  Now Newburyport is much better suited than Disneyland, Disney World or places of paradise like Bahamas, Belize and Costa Rica.        Aside from the un-pleasantries of deep winter, our city is a place for exploration through biking, hiking and walking.       Everywhere you look, there is some beautiful experience to take in.   

But our major sites in the city suffer from a bored disinterest by the locals.

Once you have been to one of our museums, and you’ve been wowed by the exhibits – now you’ve done it.       Why do you need to go back?       I mean, think of sites here in town – you’ve done the tour at Old South, visited the Audubon Center and the Parker River Center, rode the harbor tour and ventured out to see the whales.     Watched performances at the Firehouse and the  Screening Room – why, even for our locals, the many funky shops are now just part of the landscape.       More often than not, many residents haven’t even stepped inside some of them for years!

Well, I have to tell you – it’s time to break out of the daily routine and high tail it to the Custom House, especially if you’re a local!

The Custom House did some serious spring cleaning this summer and has drudged out artifacts, documents and pictures unknown to the ever-watching Internet.        They have things that are alien to even our Public Library archives!       Perspectives and views never before seen!

This new event is called, Newburyport & Nineteenth – A Mid Century Modern Makeover.

You need to see it!

Better yet still, these new exhibits are presented in story form.        One of the worse things about Newburyport, it is too easy to be totally snow-blinded by a blizzard of history – what people really need is to understand the Story of Newburyport.       I watch in bemusement as our visitors tip the Resort Map hither and thither and say, in the most pitiful exasperated manner, “I just don’t Get Newburyport’s history!”

This exhibit will allow you to “Get it”.

Now tonight is an opportunity to see the entire exhibit (If you’re a member or a guest)     Either get yourself down to the Museum gift shop and join or get yourself invited and then join tonight!       Of course, easy as pie to get in if you’re already a member.

In fact, tonight is a celebration and presentation of this unique exhibition.


-P. Preservationist

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