Quality of Life

Money isn’t everything.        It isn’t money that draws most residents to Newburyport.

It is the incredible quality of life.

Beautiful, stable neighborhoods, crime free, architecturally and historically unique with convenience to the restaurants, shops and water nearby.

As in the past, as the Brown School prepares to be de-commissioned, the city has dispensed with such retired buildings and land in different ways.      Some of the schools were turned into professional offices (The Forrester Building), others to apartments and yet others, were torn down and the land turned into a public park or playground.         Still others were sold, completely removed and new housing was built.       And yet others continued to be government owned such as the Kelly School.

There is presently a considered option to turn the buildings and land over for affordable housing which would help the city reach its required 10%. (but wouldn’t actually attain it)     The newest possibility is to sell it and take the cash. (When the city was broke years ago, that was always a motivator)     Thanks to our historic city’s affluence, that is no longer a necessary knee-jerk reaction.

Now the park itself is already officially been established by the state legislators.          If the area in the back where the old playground used to stand and the courtyard with its basketball court were to be abandoned by the city, they would have to receive permission from Beacon Hill.          The worse case scenario would have City Hall pushing the State to remove the park status long before the citizens even knew about it!        Then it would simply be, “Oh, you wanted to keep the park?   We thought the wish was to do otherwise for the schools. (Yeah, yeah, substitute the word school with child and you get the idea, “Do it for the children!”      As if the children would ever see any benefit!

But we’re talking quality of life issues here!

People take their children to this park – it is very central to the South End, is the prefect place to gather as a neighborhood – and to take it away would be a major blow to the well-being of the children AND the families.

So a petition has been setup so a non-binding referendum would be on the ballot – sending a clear message to the city council and the mayor and any developer that the park is, “Hands Off!”

Here is the statement from the Friends of Brown School Park:

Playground Petition Proposal

This opportunity to participate is available at the Inn Street Barbershop.        Signatures are needed from every citizen from Ward One to Ward Six – let’s not sacrifice our quality of life for a cheap substitute!

I’ve signed it, and so many others have already – come and add your name to this important petition.

Playground Petition

-P. Preservationist

PS. Must get 1,200 signatures by September 5th!

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