Don’t give in to lunacy

Wack Jobs occur in both political extremes and when they are taken seriously, great harm comes to the political process.      

This is, borrowing from the terminology of the 50’s, “a commie under every rock” mindset.     It is a common practice by zealots and religious nuts that use “guilt by association”.    Because you rub shoulders or believe in similar programs by proponents of a movement; therefore you must be part of that group.

The John Birch Society got itself into trouble in the 50”s when they accused President Eisenhower of being a Communist.      They said this because they were against the United Nations.      They feel the U.N. is trying to become a world government.      The President was well aware of the fringe element in the international organization but he knew its true purpose, “An arbitrator of international law”.      At that time, one-third of the world governments were communist or heavy-leaning socialists.      Since it was a body composed of the Free World and the Communist Block; and many in its ranks sympathized with the Communist philosophy The John Birch Society reasoned it must be largely controlled by Communists.     

Joe McCarthy (a Democrat I might add) took this idea of guilt-by-association to the point he was assigning “Communist” to anyone who associated with left-leaning political groups.      

Eisenhower and the Republican Party soundly condemned the antics of the John Birchers and Congress finally had to act to censure McCarthy after his “witch hunt” went out of control.

But this guilt-by-association mindset has begun to re-emerge!

See this e-mail I unpleasantly received this weekend.     This is a fine example of what is called in a strictly social context, “A Wack Job”.     

ATTENTION CPA TARGETS >>> I want to share an old article I wrote about the illusive and deceitful CPA program being pushed by state elitists and environmental Greencoats throughout Massachusetts. This is just one compartmentalized tentacles of the UN’s Agenda 21 scam for seizing YOUR private property rights and heavily regulating all land for the collective; global socialism. Please read and share this with everyone you know that finds their community under CPA attack.

First, this was sent out by those who hate the Tea Party and in fact, he labeled himself Not the Tea Party of the Greater Boston Area.     That’s because the Tea Party (which I am a proud supporter) has legitimate political goals of smaller government, defeating Obamacare and pushing for more self-reliance.   They believe in a balanced society much as our Founding Fathers believed in at the birth of our nation.    

Second, it was Governor Cellucci, a Republican Governor, who pushed and then signed into law, the CPA program.   It’s aim was to have money go toward open space purchases, historic preservation and affordable housing. All issues badly needing help in our Commonwealth.  

Third, when land is involved; it’s goal is to obtain open space for land conservation and wildlife protection and to protect our agricultural resources.       Money used to purchase land must be at fair market prices and land seizures are out of the question.

Fourth, this has nothing to do with Agenda 21, a real movement, which does push to eradicate private property ownership and promote extreme environmental programs.    It really is something hatched at the United Nations but it can only be instituted if adherents can persuade decision makers in the U.S. (The U.N. also advocates 15% reduction in human population – my question is, “Who wants to volunteer?”)      The U.N. wanted us to all speak Esperanto and use the Metric System and give all our money to third world countries and kill all the cattle because their methane contributes to global warming – but anyone can see how these ideas have gone over!       Most of the world simply nods their heads, disregards the lunacy and goes on about their business.

Fifth, even Libertarians must be embarrassed at the absolute irrational labeling going on by this man.     No real political process can make advances when everyone is treated with suspicion and paranoia.

I support the Community Preservation Act (CPA) and am proud to see how it has fulfilled its goals when it comes to preserving Newburyport.

Why, just the other night, Bossy Gillis, who of course admitted he was originally against the program (for legitimate reasons, not wacky ones) has admitted that it has been a real plus for our community!

We need as we approach our political season to be balanced, to be rational and to not tolerate the twin evil practices of guilt-by-association and exaggerated paranoia.

-P. Preservationist

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