Some Thoughts before the Season

I am about to take the plunge into the political arena when it comes to my posts – but before I do; I just want to reflect on a few subjects.

My webpage and blog are attached to some detailed monitoring software.     It doesn’t mean I am checking out my reader’s sock drawers (your privacy is secure because the software has been adjusted to block this information by me.) but I do know how they got to me via the Internet and what city or town they are located.         It also shows me what kind of device they have used to access my site.

What I have learned is, that almost all of my visitors are from Newburyport and the surrounding towns.      Only recently have I seen an increase in out-of-the-region visitors and most of them are from communities that are also struggling with historic preservation or unpleasant pressures from exploiting, aesthetically-challenged developers.        Some of them are as far as Eastern Europe and from the U.S. on the West Coast and in the deep South.        Showing me that these issues are being felt all over the place.        

That is good they are visiting.    We can learn from them and they can learn from our experiences.

As for the local visitors, it is often what they feel is important motivates them to access my posts.       Most look on passively learning from my input as they probably most likely are doing with many other sites.      That is the healthy process and I might add the mature process of exploring in the arena of ideas.      

A few get furiously angry.       I don’t get too upset – I just delete those who try to make it personal and save those who genuinely contribute to the discussion.       Because I do my best to do daily posts, by the time they issue their acerbic words; I’ve already moved on to 4-5 new editorials.     Most readers don’t have time to be checking on old posts.      So, if it is actually something good, let ‘em spout.

Speaking of time, I have been amazed how few visitors are accessing me by desktop or even laptop!       The hand-held device has become king.       Which is why, I suppose, Twitter has become so popular.  I have tried to make my website more easy to be accessed via a smart phone and am constantly checking it when I make new additions.        I am also adding my posts to Facebook so I can have an added audience.      Eventually, I will take the plunge and figure out how to do Twitter.

But the idea of Twitter upsets me.

There is a great danger in our society.       Information increasingly becomes candy to the mind.       There is lack of in depth analysis and no time to check references or explore secondary links.       It’s all become a blur making deception, lies, misinformation and demagoguery all too easy for the criminal mind and the deviously clever.        

That’s why the State Farm Insurance commercial hits home so hard.

As social media expands inevitably, we must all learn to guard against the dark side of the Internet.      

It takes time to document and check references for my posts but as I approach the coming political storm in Newburyport – it will be worth it.

There be pirates in these waters!

-P. Preservationist

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