Way to Go Chamber!

When it comes to the economy, the City of Newburyport and the Chamber of Commerce are this close to breaking the Resort Dilemma.

That is back years ago when Newburyport at the height of the tourist season was packed to the rafters with customers and then a barren ghost town for months on end.

In the past, for any business to survive; they had to make sure that as much in the way of transactions occurred in a short time period in order to survive for the rest of the year.        If not, an internet or mail-order business was a weak option.    If the weather was bad for any extended time at the peak of tourism, it often spelled doom for many businesses.       As many as eleven businesses per year would often close up shop as the stress of expenses overtook many.

The Restaurants of Newburyport have created a new era of general, all-year prosperity.      

It is not unusual to see the High and Merrimac Streets packed with incoming cars even in the height of winter.

To reinforce this consistency of business, many of the restaurants (thank God!) have greatly upped their quality and their service.     Even the nightly entertainment has been rich and varied.

But the problem still remains for our downtown businesses that don’t serve food.

WE CAN’T BE A GIANT FOOD COURT and call our city a prosperous place.

Many patrons after enjoying a fine meal, have taken to walking to enjoy the visual feast of our historic downtown and the diversity of our funky, unique shops – only to see a “Closed” sign staring back at them.     In fact, if you’re not hungry, the amount of things to do after 5:00 shrinks to about nothing.

Ann Ormond has announced that a listing of those businesses that are open in the evening will be assembled and then made available to our visitors.      

It hasn’t appeared yet on their Chamber website.

The restaurants have created a year-round business environment – now is the time to get the entire retail establishment geared up to profit from this new reality.

Keep an eye out for it – and I will be posting it on my Visitor’s Guide webpage as soon as it is available.

-P. Preservationist

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