Tonight’s Special Event

Custom house photoIncreasingly, due to its location downtown and the presence of its richly stocked bookstore; the Custom House Maritime Museum has found itself going beyond the maritime theme and setting a tempo for heritage tourism in Newburyport.

If you’re a tourist and foolish enough not to check out my website, it is hard to get a grasp of Newburyport without having to “eat” somewhere.      You can often get around this by stopping at the Custom House or by stopping at the Visitor Booth.       

But tonight, whether you’re a local or a visitor, the Custom House is the place to be.     Carter Stevens will be recounting the sad fate of the Caleb Cushing revenue cutter and the antics of the “rebels” responsible.       It will start at 7:00 tonight.caleb-cushing revenue cutter

First of all, it gives you an excellent opportunity to peek at the exhibits as you travel up to the lecture hall or peruse the gift shop. (The only place to get “pure” Newburyport stuff in town)

The reception afterward is usually top notch and gives you an opportunity to meet people and ask questions.

Grand Trunk has been offering wines that have been absolutely spectacular and causing quite a buzz.      This time, I’ll be writing down the bottle’s description so I can harass them on Pleasant Street (Not the bottle, the owners at Grand Trunk!) and pick up some.

-P. Preservationist


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