Don’t Miss This!

One of the reasons that The Curse continues to reign over Newburyport, is the still continued desire to be unwelcoming to visitors.      I will put a caveat on that – our Chamber and our local businesses and those who understand how important it is to our economy that our city be known; they are doing their best.      Unfortunately, we still have a great number who want our city “all to themselves”

I know that many important local issues that concern this port city will need to be covered this week including the heating up of the race for city council and the mayor’s office.     But before I do, I want to bring up an important event that will occur this week.          If you grab the Yankee Homecoming Booklet from Richdales or the Black Duck; turn to page 23.     On that, look up to the upper left and note the Greek Food Festival.         And if you have already leafed through all the events, you as a visitor (or a new arrival) may not even think any of it.   

I mean, how many church suppers can you attend?       It’s hard enough picking out what to go to from the blizzard of activities.

That is why you need the Brick & Tree Blog and

This one is a must attend.        Mark it right up there with Old-Fashioned Sunday and the Bed Race.

It’s not even mentioned on the Yankee Homecoming website!

The food is spectacular and while you are there, grab their program book and learn some Greek culture.     You’ll need to just to pronounce the spectacular food your taste buds are experiencing.

Also, look around – most of the visitors will be locals – yes, if you’re a politician, better be there!       If you’ve moved here and want to talk to someone who’s gone through the ropes of living here, now’s the time to find out.         Learn some genuine Newburyport culture!

So, you’re a visitor and you’d like to get into this event but also want to enjoy other events of Yankee Homecoming.

The best bet is Sunday, July 28th at 11:00 to 1:00.       Why?     ‘Cause you FIRST go to the Greek Food Festival – all the choicest selections will be available and THEN after your belly is full and happy; you walk up Park Street to the Bartlett Mall and enjoy all the events at Old Fashioned Sunday.

The greedy locals ain’t gonna give you this kind of advice. (Shame on them)      It’s not even posted on the church’s website!    

If Newburyporters would practice a little generosity, we might be able to start to throw off this damnable curse!

-P. Preservationist

PS. Hats off to Jeanne Petrillo for putting up a grand banner at 182 High Street – that’s the way to beat Mr. Whittier!

Greek Food Festival

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