Pluck those weeds!

ShabbyNewburyport is being buried right now by a profusion of green.    Thanks to the extremely wet spring and early summer, all plants are going wild.    Unfortunately, i is making our downtown look terrible, it is giving us a shabby look on High Street and many of the side and main streets. It is just marring our beautiful garden-like town with our tidy lovely yards.Weedy & Shabby

And please don’t get lazy and just spray bleach or Roundup on the curbs and sidewalks.     The dying plants only make it worse!      It’s similar to watching an animal dying a slow death complete with agony and screams!

The right thing to do is get out there and pluck those weeds out from the cracks and curbs.   HoeUsing a hoe can speed up scraping out tough plants.     Wear tight gloves for fine work and patiently take the time – knowing that once you are done, spraying the surface* will guarantee no more returned weeds for the season.

If you’re a restaurant owner, or a shop keeper, I can’t stress what a positive message that a clean, inviting front will do to aide you in getting more patrons.      If you’re on one of the residential streets, just remember, you are adding to the look of the entire block and there is nothing worse than a perfect lawn obscured by sidewalk city property that looks like _________.       If you’re waiting around for the city to do something about it, based on past history, you may have to wait decades and possibly a century!

Benefit the entire community and get rid of those wretched weeds.

-P. Preservationist

* If spraying, use vinegar and please be careful not to get too close to our precious street trees.      And make sure any excess does not go near our storm drains that connect to the river!

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