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If you want to know what Newburyport is all about – not what the Daily News would like you to know or any particular special interest group wants you to know; this is the blog to either find it or if not on my posts, in the website that accompanies the blog.

There are many who have lived here for years who have absolutely no idea what is going on in the city, who are the players or what are the issues.       To them, Newburyport really is a bedroom town – they sleep here and that is about as far as they want to go.

Others think their Ernest Hemingway – expatriates from America only here to have a good time – coffee shop to restaurant to evening entertainment and capping it off with ice cream when its seasonable or hanging at the bar when it’s not.       Like, who cares who’s Mayor or any other detail.   This, while they pontificate on the meaning of life over a beer.

But this city can be a cruel place if you’re alone and some of the saddest people I have ever seen are the expatriates in the Caribbean.     Living in paradise and bored out of their minds.

The rest of us know that getting involved whether with the chamber, the churches, the community, or the schools, or a worthy non-profit and the countless charities here in town is the real secret to being alive.

When you check out the website,, you have access to the many organizations in the city.      Find your purpose and burrow deep into our community.

-P. Preservationist

PS. And I assure you, knowledge is power and most of those in the know don’t want you to know.      I , on the other hand, believe that if more know what is the real situation in town, all of us can work together in a meaningful way toward making Newburyport a better place.

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