Adding a comment where it belongs

The Newburyport Blog does not allow comments so I thought I’d put one on my blog.

Mary Eaton’s response to the pressure laid on her for being against the “anti-plastic bag” movement was, as typical for her, very classy.

It is often very awkward to find out after years and years of being personally responsible when it comes to the environment and after being bruised repeatedly by those who would actively for profit destroy not only our ecology but also our quality of life; to find out now that we are considered “bad” if we don’t go along with the flighty movements out there.

I now have to put up with children brainwashed to cry for the polar bears.     We have conflicting statistics to this animals fate in which political movements literally manipulate science for their political gain.   How many would be fleeing for their lives if a polar bear actually showed up?  (Who have no instinctive hesitation in eating people!)

The point is, that political movements should be based on factual, real-world data and that based on such a firm-foundation; concrete actions can be measured and then tested to ensure real results.

Putting up a wind-turbine so it impresses people is dumb.*

Putting up solar panels for the sake of “inspiration” is expensive, silly and wasteful.*

Getting a Sierra Club calendar in the mail that has month after month of false information on animals makes me lose all respect for that worthy organization.     They obviously hired a slick Madison Avenue-style firm to promote their cause.  (but forgot to proof read it!)

I believe in the old-fashioned idea that a cause should be championed, firmly rooted in truth; so that in the end of the day; we are assured of our cause.        We don’t have to be ashamed nor embarrassed by later facts nor our very character soiled with layers of deceit.

Winning does not justify a cause.**      

I was very encouraged at the Clean Energy Future Forum held recently, many of the participants (not some of the consultants) had down-to-earth recommendations.     It actually meant that thoughtful, intelligent citizens were thinking of real solutions.

If a cause is true, the results will be the judge and jury; and the positive benefits will be the verdict.

-P. Preservationist

* If the wind turbine doesn’t turn half-the time because it was placed in an intermittent wind zone and the solar panels are put where plants and trees once stood (that consume carbon) – how is that really saving the environment?

** The Communist & Fascist Movements in the last century kept winning around the world until the facts and results finally caught up to them.      In comparison, America started the concepts of federalism and republicanism and both are going strong today.

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