The Party is Over! (So you can party!)

Yes, I do have a chip on my shoulder and it’s about the size of a piece of wide-planking.      And yes, if you live in the Newburyport Historic District; you are being watched closely.    

Somebody has got to do it.

This last year, we have seen dramatically how government has failed to protect our community.          In place of that, will come (as it has in the past) the long-protracted and diligent work of private citizens working to keep our community safe.

Some are watching over our affordable housing,

Many are watching over our schools,

Others are diligently making sure our arts community is preserved.

Still others are in the various fields of conservation, crime-prevention, energy-efficiency, local aide, open space, spiritual well-being, healthy business climate, etc.

And yes, a lot of eyes are glaring at the Waterfront.

When it comes to historic preservation; the thankless job of keeping the historic assets intact is left to the Citizens for Historic Preservation, the Historical Commission (non-salaried I might add!) and the Newburyport Preservation Trust,      

And me! (among others!)

And you should be thankful that watchdogs in all these areas are doing the job of keeping our community intact and prospering.       They are doing it so you can enjoy living here and to continue to do all the fun things that are available.        You can go eat at a restaurant, hang out at Market Square, stroll our beautiful neighborhoods and parks, visit a museum and stroll along the boardwalk confident in the knowledge that advocates are sacrificing their resources and time so you can continue to eat at a restaurant, hang out at Market Square, stroll our beautiful neighborhoods and parks, visit a museum and stroll along the boardwalk.

All those who love Newburyport are working hard to make sure you can continue to do all those things.           And the thought of that loss of all that makes Newburyport so enjoyable drives these same volunteers more to sacrifice their limited resources and time.

Don’t smirk at them, and don’t ridicule; just chip in when you can so they can continue!

They’re reward, believe it or not, is watching you party on!

-P. Preservationist

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