Results Oriented Efforts Make Sense

I took extensive courses in post-graduate studies on counseling and in Psychology – one of the most harmful stresses upon the mind is the specter of false guilt.         This strange idea that you are to blame because you haven’t taken action upon some issue.      Or worse yet, that some how reparations or work must be done to absolve a perceived past misdeed by you, or your family, or your community, or your country…or even that you are human.

Well, that is the current state of some liberals* and in particular, wacko environmentalists.

They feel they have to do ‘something’ to absolve a wrong.      And it doesn’t need to even have a real benefit or have a positive result; they have absolved themselves because they made an effort that made them feel ‘better’ about themselves.

They never stop to think – wouldn’t it make sense to actually ‘do something’ that will result in resolving the issue?

I knew that eventually Newburyport would not be spared from the insanity that other liberal communities have suffered as we slowly become the Cambridge of the North.      It has finally come to pass in this move to ban plastic bags.

To make Newburyport feel good about itself that ‘we’ aren’t part of the plastic bag problem.     

Plastic bags will be available all around us in the other real-world communities who have greater issues to resolve. (like putting food on the table)

Plastic bags will still be manufactured and will gleefully be sold in ‘other’ communities and in which these bags will, in turn, continue to poison the environment and harm wildlife.

The local businesses will be inconvenienced (but will eventually adjust – they’ve put up with this silliness before in other areas.)

If this silliness passes, everyone in Newburyport will be feeling ‘good’ about themselves even as they see plastic bags blowing through the Common Pasture! (How nice.)

But wouldn’t it be good if we could actually do something that would actually make a difference where it’s not about YOU!?!

Like aggressive education that could be spread throughout the area to discourage and diminish the use of plastic bags.    (or are YOU too lazy?)

Like legislative action on a national level to ban plastic bags? (state level is too ineffective, we are too small a state to stop the flow of plastic)     Yes, it’s hard work to campaign and persuade and sacrifice money and time but that’s how its done in a free society.                

Let’s look for real solutions that actually produce a desired result!

-P. Preservationist

PS.   My wife and I aggressively recycle plastic bags and we use them to line trash cans and even store things.     That’s because we are conservationists. (Conserve and recycle)  

* Many traditional liberals have enough sense not to indulge in this kind of wasteful stupidity.

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