New Opinion Post

I have posted a new opinion survey for the election season.      Pretty broad sweeping in its categories and won’t require a lot of thinking too hard.         I have set it up in alphabetical order so no one will think I’m rigging toward a desired result.

Beach Erosion & Water/Sewer
Budget Spending & Taxes
Historic Preservation & LHD
The Waterfront & The NRA

Don’t be put off by what you initially see.      I put in my two-cents too! (You know where my opinion lies!)    

Now it is up to the rest of the city’s citizens to indicate their preference.

And by the way, if you’re not presently living in the city; you probably want to eventually – your opinion matters too since this is a destination where quality living thrives and our economy is based on our desirability by outsiders.     Your concerns are our concerns.

For those in the twelve non-historic neighborhoods, I’d like to see what you think are important in making a better community.

The incumbents and new candidates will be looking for feedback so they can shape their campaigns.      Now, as perhaps also on other sites; is the time to let them hear you!

-P. Preservationist

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