Fixin’ to Move!

I lived for a short while in the Ozarks – and couldn’t believe the slow pace of life in that region.      They’d sit awhile thinking of their next action, mumbling to themselves, “Mighty fine” and then, if someone pressed them too much, they’d protest in a peeved fashion, “I AM fixing to move – I’m just thinking a bit on how to do it!”

Well, I’ve been thinking about fixing all those broken links on the website and now after much thinking about it, I’ve moved and now have done it!

What with tourist season upon us and the weather thinking like a hillbilly about warming up, I figured it was about time.

Check out the Visitor’s Guide on the top bar of

I’ve added some new links and corrected the rest.

I’ve got the tours available in the area posted and any available information updated on the Newburyport Master Guide.        

Since walking tours are all the rage, I put Ghlee’s Clipper Heritage Trail right at the center with other links available below.

So as not to bring too much attention to it, I’ve added the ‘emergency bathroom locations’ close to the top to add some peace of mine to all our visitors.

I have also added on that page, The Newburyport Art Colony which expresses my concern as we have had no less than three art galleries close recently.      I am certainly hoping that is not a trend!      If you’re an artist and you are not listed, please let me know immediately.

I have also attempted to fix some of the other links on the general website.

For history buffs, I am three-fourths of the way in updating the Clipper Ship Museum and have added a reference link in case you wish to pursue further historic research.

I am also three-fourths of the way in updating the Newburyport Preservation Craftsman Directory – I’ll let you know when that is fully complete.

-P. Preservationist

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