Promote! Promote! Promote!

Our community is chocked full of dedicated volunteers who without complaining or reimbursement, spend long hours of time working to improve our community.      And the vast majority will never be mentioned in an editorial in the Daily News nor are they seeking such recognition.         Their satisfaction is seeing some benefit coming to their home, Newburyport, and the enrichment of the individuals who live here.

So when I say, promote, it may be counter-intuitive to many who are so dedicated to service.

But an organization that does not push for recognition in this busy society will get often forgotten.      If the average citizen doesn’t know you’re there, then the volunteers won’t seek you out.    Those with the time and cash to help, won’t even know you exist let alone know your needs!

Speaking of the needs, if the community doesn’t know there is a need that desperately needs to be satisfied; how can they respond?

You’ve got to let them know!

Press releases in the paper are not enough – this will only reach roughly 55% of the citizens in the community.     I’ll echo Councilor Ari Herzog in saying you need to start working on social media.       Reaching out to Facebook, Internet, Twitter and podcasts.      Putting out boring print won’t do it nor parading a bunch of smiling strangers in a photo.      

You need to make your case and do it well!

Whatever your cause, whatever your organization – the tools to do it well are readily available to you.      PortMedia_webheader_200x100

PortMedia is our local studio – and they have the latest, (I won’t say state-of-the-art.   State of the art is so passé, once something is state of the art, it’s obsolete once it is released!) greatest tools to help promote your organization.

You can learn to make short video ads.

You can present your case in a documentary, short or long.

You can do podcasts in a professional soundproof studio.

You can be as creative as you want!

And of course it’s available to any citizen of Newburyport!*

“But I don’t have cable,” you say.      Nonsense, you can put your work on DVD’s, or put it up on the Internet via or YouTube.       The finished piece can proudly be viewed on a website or Facebook.    Podcasts can be, well, stuck in an IPod.       The applications are endless.

Be sure to come on down to the open house at PortMedia tomorrow afternoon to evening to check out the studio.      Don’t be intimidated by all this high-tech equipment.   If you join, they will train you!

Let’s start seeing all these non-profits being paraded OUT IN THE OPEN!

-P. Preservationist

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