Support Newburyport–Support the Old South

Old South Church SteepleIt doesn’t matter if you’re an Atheist, a Buddhist, a Catholic or even a Hindu.         You need to support the capital fund for the Old South Church.        

Do it for your city.

Do it for your country.

Rev. George Whitefield is often called the forgotten founding father.     He laid the foundation for what is often called, “An American”.      He was no where present during the American Revolution (obviously since he died in 1770) but his influence was felt everywhere.

The United States became the first successful Republic since the days of Rome and it would not have been possible if the average citizen had the mindset of a subservient peasant.      His message was clear and he went from Georgia to Maine preaching in any church regardless of denomination and any field that was dry enough to stand in.

“That a person having a personal relationship with God had the right to make his own decisions based on what God led them to do right.”

Not by a king,

Not by a church hierarchy,

Not by a religious or government leader.

It made America – and transformed the world with England eventually adopting the same practices of republicanism (without somehow throwing off the monarchy)  and which has spread to the point that half the world’s population is governed by some form of Republic.

People come from all over the world to pay tribute to this past-Billy Graham, this rock star 423784_256938564390467_309445249_nof Liberty.       They come to his tomb under the pulpit and marvel at the rich history of the church which includes such patriotic fervor as patriots, privateers saints and soldiers.

But when they come, they see a sagging church.     It is the understanding that such a memorial needs to be in top form for our global visitors that the CPC has granted moneys in the past.        But there is more needed.

Right now the worry is to protect the trompe l’oeil in the sanctuary where the once-leaking church has had ceiling damager.       This painting-style applied to the ceiling has been designated by the National Register of Historic Places and in which a preservation easement is in place for the church plant.      

Tonight, the Masonic Temple will be having a special evening with a silent auction, and other events.        Please be sure to come out and contribute something to the only presently real international draw for Newburyport.

To do so will not only help the church but help us as a community.

-P. Preservationist

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