Almost A Complete Set!

DSCN2193A short while ago, I wrote a post on the importance of putting up a house plaque to let our locals and visitors get a quick glimpse on the important history behind your house.     I also stressed the central theme of a ship’s bow being present to reinforce the central message about Newburyport’s history.

In a second appeal, I requested anyone who had one or had a neighbor with one to take a picture of the plaque and send it in to me.       I want to thank those who have sent in many a picture.       I also went out and tried to do an inventory of how many there actually are.       With all these photos assembled, it looks like we have just about all of them.

Except one.

It is owned by an anti-historic preservationist who has cruelly turned the house plaque so it no longer faces the street.       As one of the leaders mounting the crusade to destroy our heritage tourism industry; at least the protagonist is consistent!     Certainly don’t want those nasty visitors learning anything about ‘their’ house.*

I have the almost complete inventory posted on the website now so if you see one that isn’t included PLEASE take a picture and send it off to      

As for those who have the plaques and you perhaps are struck at how sorry your sign looks (New England winters are so cruel); I invite you to speak with Jen Wright Signs which has offered to redo them.       Many have, and they look really sharp.       I commend those who have bucked the societal pressure to concentrate on yourself alone and have sacrificed the time to do the research, and the most difficult, sacrificed the money to do it solely to benefit our community as a whole.      

Your one single sign contributes so much to our heritage tourism.        We are a walking town and who knows who and how many will be impressed as they stroll by and be inspired to learn more about our city’s history.

-P. Preservationist

PS.  As for those who have put up plaques that do not express the single theme, please consider when you need to replace it, to include the ship’s bow and the sign configuration.    As for those who have put ‘dinky’ ones up – please replace them immediately or hide them in your backyard.    (And no, I am not being rude – you put it out there knowing it was in public view!)

* If anyone wants to try, good luck to you!     If I do it, this will happen to me!

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