Authentic Newburyport

As tourist season approaches, many, wanting to come to Newburyport – will be seeking a memento and products that are unique to our city.        Still others, drawn by the ‘feel’ of history; want to know more about our past.

More often than not, they will be frustrated.        They will poke around our funky shops downtown and will see products that are perhaps one-of-a-kind, or might even fulfill some fancy or need; but it will hardly be anything different than if you found it in Boston, Ogunquit, Portsmouth and Rockport.

Now, to be fair, you might obtain some items in amongst the merchandise in places like our local bookstores, Richdales, the Cushing House, (Only from June-Oct), the Spirit of Newburyport art gallery (in good weather, they have a booth on Inn Street) and the Chamber office; but when it comes to a one-stop shopping location, there are only two places where you can get sufficient information and products year round:

M3391M-1012 The Brass Lyon is a fine store just to the west of Market Square that covers many products that are uniquely Newburyport.       Not only will you catch the ‘mood’ of the old Port of Newburyport – much of what they sell is rather classy.

But the finest location of ALL THINGS NEWBURYPORT is the Custom House Museum Shop.          This location  contains architectural, historical and maritime books, gifts and merchandise that is unique to this location.       They also sell Tour Books!!!!!

Museum Shop


For those who wish to obtain products without having to slept onto a plane or train to get here, there are certain sites.    Eventually I will be offering many unique products online myself so a consumer can obtain in one location.     Until that time, I suggest going on and clicking onto three notable icons:

The Newburyport Printmaker used to have a store on Inn Street with many unique products such as greeting cards, maps, etc.       They now offer these online.

The Spirit of Newburyport has beautiful pictures of current-day scenes.

And if you have a thirst for Old Newburyport, check out the Richard Burke Jones online art gallery.

So even with these online links, as you can see, there is only one real solution if you want to obtain uniquely Newburyport items.


-P. Preservationist

* You won’t be sorry.

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