Bring a raincoat and don’t miss out!

PR WK 2013Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be rather spotty – but, hey, this is New England!     We’ve got most of the day in overcast – at least no one will expire from a heatstroke!   

We’ve got comfy fireplaces to examine in tomorrow morning’s tour starting at 8 Bromfield at 8:30.

Then what better place to hang when it’s raining, the Emma L. Andrews Library at 77 Purchase Street from 10-12 for an interesting tour.

Then, the cloudiness will add atmosphere at the indoor tour of St. Anna’s Chapel and see the historic preservation techniques and lovely architecture – why the sun will just make it even harder to see the stain glass windows!

Then the Old South Church at 3:00 with its Paul Revere Bell in the steeple and Rev. Whitefield in the basement – last I looked, there was no water down there!

And anyone who knows downtown Newburyport knows there are plenty of awnings to walk under during the fascinating women’s business tour at 3:30.

And of course, the roaring good time at the Tales & Ales just makes the day complete.

So come on and see the sites!

Slickers are optional.

-P. Preservationist

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